Music can change people. People can change the world. Let’s raise our voices!

With her roots deep in the soil of Swedish folk music, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/choir leader Åsa Larsson aka Resmiranda explore how music can connect us to earth and each other, how music can be part of the change we need to see in this age of global warming and climate change.

In 2018 she launched Women’s Virtual Choir, an online choir experiment gathering women to sing our planet green. More about the choir here.

Her solo project Resmiranda, which has been described as eco-conscious folk music mixed with ambient electronica and the ancient art of kulning, will release the album ”For the trees” in 2019. In 2014 her folk music trio Blås, Bälg och Tagel released "Hosvid Hasvid". In 2013 came Resmirandas debut EP "Mellan stiltje och storm”.

Resmiranda sings on behalf of the planet and the quest for all of us to live truthfully and bloom our hearts into fullness.

She calls us across cloud carpets and drops us deeply into the velvety forest floor, to join her in a living prayer of appreciation for what is here, what is given.

The moods and cycles of nature flow through her voice offering us a landscape to dive into. She inspires us to commune with the sacred rhythms, reminding us to love this earth.

Her lyrics offer a sweet strength and sanctity as though the earth mother is speaking through her.

The music expresses the elements in an almost tribal feeling. Earthy beats, underly the fluid, watery notes and angelic, ethereal high tones. One can soar with her through the skies or get right down into the macrocosm of the plants.